3 Tips for Public Relations Students

I know I have not had much experience with public relations yet, but I do believe I have enough to educate you on a couple of tips I have for new public relations students.  Getting advice from students that have already been in the shoes you are getting ready to be in is always helpful.  I hope you take these tips and apply them when you’re in my shoes.  Always remember everyone else is going through the same struggles you are.

1) Be ready to write A LOT.

I hope you are prepared to write for several assignments a day.  It used to take me so long to come up with topics to write about but after getting experience from the public relations classes I have improved tremendously.  Writing is the main thing you do for this major so if you do not love it yet you better learn to!

Serious male student writing in a laboratory

Image by Gary R. Hafer {Link to https://www.facultyfocus.com/tools/assignments-and-activities/punctuating-error-strategies-help-students-become-disciplined-writers/}

2)  Be ready to deliver plenty of speeches.

I was the most nervous for this part of the public relations field.  I was required to take public speaking and advanced public speaking.  These classes have definitely helped me improve.  I am not near as nervous as I used to be.  They will go by fast I promise.

Student speaking

Image by Keio University {Link to https://www.keio.ac.jp/en/news/2012/120920-3.html}

3) Be ready to get a lot feedback from your professors.

You may think your writing is perfect and does not need anything changed but you will hear different from your professors.  Sometimes it will just be minor changes but other times it will be major changes.  Take the corrections and learn from them.  They are doing nothing but trying to help you.  

profffesor mad.jpg

Image by Daniel Solove {Link to https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140414044726-2259773-a-guide-to-grading-exams}

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