1) It will build lasting friendships. 

I know I know I know college seems like it will be the most stressful time of your life but believe me it is simply what you make it.  Some of my best friends are from the college dance team.  College is where you find your true friends and believe me when you’re with them all the time for practices you will become best friends for life.


2) You will stay in healthy physical shape.

By being involved and having weekly workouts/practices you will for sure stay in good physical shape.  One thing I was worried about was gaining the awfully dreaded freshman 15 but the dance team helped that not happen.  Our mandatory workouts and practices did not seem so bad after all.  When you’re with your best friends, working out does not seem as dreadful.

3) This is the last time in your life to be able to do this so take advantage.

Yes I know getting old sounds awful but it is coming faster than you think it will.  This is the last time to be able to pursue your passion before you’re old and all you can do is work.  Balancing a sport and school really works on your time management skills which you can apply positively in your future.  My main tip for college is to just get involved.  I promise it will all be worth it in the long run.


3 Reasons to Pursue Your Sports Career after High School

3 Things You Need to Know about Community Relations

  1. Community relations involves the people and business/organizations that live and work in the surrounding community.

I know many people may be interested in this part of Public Relations because getting involved with your surrounding community is always a really interesting thing to do.  Community relations can also be considered a sister to event planning because in community relations they sometimes plan events to reach out to the community and draw people’s attention.  Community relations is always going going going.  If you like doing any task that is thrown at you this major is for you.

 2. Community relations is who evaluates the public’s attitudes.

By planning events or just reaching out to the community anyway you can is important for the public.  Advertising your company in a positive way is very important and can sway the public to change their attitude about your company.  Whether you realize it or not the public plays a huge part in keeping your businesses alive.  There are a lot of them and a little of you.

3. Community relations improves an individual’s teamwork skills.

Community relations is based solely on teamwork and group work.  Having communication skills and a positive attitude is important for this focus in PR.  Being able to work together without causing drama is key.  One important piece of advice is do not hold grudges and move on.  This picture below is a picture of the SIUE Dance Team.  This is a great example just to show how important your teamwork skills are along with using them in the office.  You use teamwork skills in many different aspects of your life whether you realize it or not.


3 Ways to Overcome Hurdles/ Issues When Planning a PR Program

When planning anything for Public Relations you must take into account that there will be numerous issues and hurdles that will arise.  I really enjoy this topic since I will be going into this field when I am older.  This blog really helped to open my eyes and realize that not everything will be sunshine and roses like I think it will be.  Every job has struggles that individuals have to face and I hope after reading this it will benefit you a little bit.  

1) When planning a PR Program it helps to simply have a plan in mind.

Just like most everything in life, you get out of a plan what you put into it.  If you put a lot of time into it you might as well do it right and to the best of your ability.  Planning will help to decrease your stress as well and the program will most likely turn out better.


Image by Lauren Runyon {Link to http://under30ceo.com/the-most-important-reasons-to-plan-ahead/}

2) When planning a PR Program it helps if you have the right people involved.

Just like school when you have to choose who you work with on group projects, you will have to choose who you work with in real life jobs as well.  In some cases you will not get to choose but if you do make sure you take into consideration their work ethic.  One negative or lazy person in a group can bring the entire group down.  I know this from experience because it happens in sports as well.  On the SIUE dance team we had one girl who came to practice with a negative attitude and complained every practice.  Believe it or not one person can ruin everyone’s attitudes and work ethic.


Image by Tes Teach {Link to https://www.tes.com/lessons/wBABHFH3I_nPbg/group-work}

3) When planning a PR Program it helps if you have realistic goals that you can achieve.

When planning a PR program it always helps to set goals ahead of time that you want to meet.  It is also important if you set dates of when you want to achieve your goals. Being realistic is a key factor in overcoming hurdles or issues because if you set a goal that you know can not be met then it is pointless and will cause more stress.

3 Reasons Why I Think PepsiCo’s Can Tampering Rumors in 1993 Was Successfully Handled

I know rumors can be started so easily and spread so fast.  Throughout my years in Middle School and High School I experienced numerous rumor outbreaks.  Some of the rumors were not meant to happen and some were done for a rude joke.  Unfortunately everyone has probably experienced some type of rumor throughout their life but this rumor really shocked me.  This rumor was a syringe was allegedly found in a can of Diet Pepsi in Washington state.  The following week, more than 50 reports of Diet Pepsi can tampering sprung up across the country.   It turned out to be a hoax.  When rumors happen for companies it can really affect if they will stay in business.  These are serious and should not be something to joke about.



Image from Business Insider {Link to http://pentahexahedron5.rssing.com/chan-3782446/all_p1.html }

1) I think the company was mature about it.

I know in any instance like this people’s negative sides come out but by all of the information I found online it seemed as if Pepsico kept their cool during this crisis. Pepsico staying calm was the best thing they could do.  There will always be rumors whether you like it or not.

2)I think the company backed up their information on why it was a hoax.

When you are in a situation like this you will always want to prove you are right.  When you could potentially lose a ton of business this is a huge deal.  By Pepsico making four videos throughout the crisis, such as a comprehensive report on its soda canning process really helped to persuade the public.  Something interesting they found was a surveillance tape of a woman in a Colorado store putting a syringe into a can of Diet Pepsi behind the store clerk’s back.  Little stuff like this can really start major controversies.


Image by Kim Bhasin {link to http://www.businessinsider.com/pr-disasters-crisis-management-2011-5/#johnson-and-johnsons-cyanide-laced-tylenol-capsules-1982-1 }

3) I think the company was not very worried because of how massive their corporation is.

When you consider how big this multinational corporation is then you realize that this one little rumor is not that big of a deal.  Luckily the rumors fizzled out within two weeks.  The Diet Pepsi sales actually dropped 2% but were back to normal after a month.  This case really shows that if you stay calm everything will workout for you in the long run.


3 Reasons Why Time Management is Always a Positive Thing

I have had several experiences with time management in my life and it has made me realize truly how beneficial it is.  Time management helps relieve stress in many ways.  Being involved with many extracurricular activities like competitive dance team and sorority to name a few have helped me to stay organized.  I hope these reasons I discuss will help persuade you to become more organized and start focusing on Time management.


Image by Smead {Link to http://www.smead.com/hot-topics/time-management-in-the-workplace-1685.asp}

1) Time management helps with organization.

There are numerous ways to become organized like planners or calendars on your phone.  Just by setting a few minutes aside a day will help your organization tremendously.  When you are unorganized it could cause you to fail at different things.

2)  Time management helps you to prepare for the future.

If you start to prepare early in your life time management will just become easy for you and will become a routine.  Being late for a job once or numerous times could result in you getting fired. Another way it will prepare you for the future is if you choose to have kids you will have to make sure you get them to places on time as well.  For example: school, games, friends parties, etc.

3) Time management gives you more free time.

Time management gives you more time to hangout with you friends, partners, family, etc.  If you are constantly forgetting projects and having to makeup homework you will have less free time.  It also gives you more time to just relax and not worry.  Relaxing is necessary even if it is just for a little bit.


Image by Alternative Daily {Link to https://www.thealternativedaily.com/bring-family-closer-together/}

3 Things You Should Know About The Entertainment Focus in PR

I have always been the type of person that loves going to events and experiencing new things.  It is so amazing to me to see how people start from scratch and end up with a successful event.  I have actually had experience with planning an event before.  I helped my dance team coach in high school plan a fundraising event and after that I realized how much more goes into planning an event than I thought.  I hope after reading this you will learn a few things that you did not think of before.

  1. You should remember that there will ALWAYS be competition.

I know that you probably already know this, but I want to make it my number one point because that is truly how important it is.  Competing against different events or businesses may be hard but that is why you have to put the time and effort into yours to make it rise above the rest.  Creating flyers and going around to local businesses is important by making your event known around the local community.  In case you did not know this, unknown events never turn out.


Image by Katherine Leonard {Link to https://lonelybrand.com/blog/walgreens-vs-cvs-the-drugstore-war-goes-mobile/ )

2. You need to have effective communication skills.

You will be communicating a ton in this focus of Public Relations.  If you are scared of talking in front of crowds I am sorry to break it to you but this is not the right fit for you.  You could have to talk in front of small groups in a conference room about planning the event to large groups in a ballroom before an event.  You have no idea what could happen so you need to be prepared at all times.  Even if you choose a job that you think you will not need communication skills chances are you will.  Every job has a communications aspect whether you realize it or not.


Image by Panitee Vongsakajornkit {Link to https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/benefits-good-speakers-panitee-vongsakajornkit )

3. You need to be organized to have successful events.

You will be calling businesses and traveling to businesses for different aspects of the event.  You can not have entertainment without decorations, food, flyers, etc.  If you are not organized chances are the event will not happen or the businesses you tried to plan with will not want to work with your company ever again.  Organization is a key factor in this focus of Public Relations.